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10 things to remember from DMEXCO

September 14, 2018

digital -MUST visit - congres (or was it a party?) with 18 stages and over 200 speakers.


12 + 13 september

Impressed with the organisation & quality speakers. Some more inspiring than others, but overall GREAT.


  1. Bots need personality. 🤖So think about your bot persona & create it thoughtfully. Male / female? Professional vs humorous? Voice & tone of voice? What are there daily challenges? ….

  2. Don’t humanize your bot too much. Consumers are more forgiving towards machines…

  3. Start creating your bot on paper! ✍️Write down conversations happening between your bot and users. First paper, then code. 
  4. Purna Virji is worth following. Not only is she a keynote speaker on VOICE Search, she’s also a GREAT entertainer. 
  5. Google thinks YouTube is a game changer. But if you ask me, great 📼 video content 📼is the real game changer!

  6. VICE has a film school for young filmmakers 🎬

  7. When creating video content, focus on connecting with your audience instead of pushing your story. ❤️

  8. !!! Consumers have bullshit detectors !!! (they really do)

  9. AI is neutral and it will be up to humans to give it direction. But do you remember TayandYou? No? It was a Microsoft bot that needed to be shut down because it became racist.

  10. Thanks to The Home of Equality there was a girls lounge 👏



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