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5 inspiring Belgian Behance profiles you need to follow

January 31, 2018

Good artists steal, great artist copy (Picasso). That doesn’t mean that as a designer, you should be the number one thief. But the world wide web is an enormous source of inspiration. It’s often helped me to get inspired by other designers and to get the best out of my creative skills. For me, Behance is one of the best platforms to find inspiration. I’m sure that platforms like Behance can help any designer, already skilled or still learning, bring his/her skills to the next level.

Behance has both positive and negative aspects. You can freely join the platform (as opposed to Dribbble, where there is a quality control before you can join). Being able to join Behance without any restrictions is a good thing, as it makes it a huge platform with a bunch of good design. But the open concept also means there’s some poor design on there as well. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right sources to help you get inspired or to just find some cool stuff to share. Not so long ago I started by following some great artists on Behance. It helped me find new designs and not just the same results when searching for ‘graphic design’ over and over again. It also keeps me up to date.

For once, I decided to put my blinders on and focus on the Belgian scene. I’m sharing some of my favourite talents on Behance with you. There are a lot of very good artists on the Belgian scene so get ready to be dazzled!


Tim Bisschop

We start this list with Tim Bisschop. Tim studied typography and graphic design at the Luca School of Arts in Ghent and works as an independent graphic designer since 2011. His main work contains book covers, posters, brochures, magazines and branding exercises. His work on Behance is mostly focused on book design, which isn’t really in my comfort zone but I believe anything design-related can work as an inspiration. Tim Works with typography and big bold fonts a lot, which is one of my favourite aspects of design. It’s very obvious that music and sports play a big role in his work. Very inspiring to see how he manages to give every book (sometimes about the same general subject) its own identity and branding style. If you need some book design inspiration, he’s your man.

Click here to check out his profile.

AB bijlage - De Standaard


Jacques and Lise

Jacques and Lise are two freelance graphic designers based in Diest. When you are interested in illustration design, here is where you need to be. Together with some cool branding projects (Müller & Wim’s Clubs) they manage to keep their profile very varied. In all their work you can recognise some style elements they use like their fine lines and typical ‘brushed’ shadow, but still they manage to make every illustration different from the other. The cool thing is that they use their skills for various projects and purposes. Their portfolio consists of calendars, birth cards, books, posters and so on. Be sure to check their website (www.jacquesandlise.com) as well for more work and a look inside their office and shop, aloha!

Click here to check out their profile.

Klasse Kalender 2017


Bram Vanhaeren

This is probably the most famous artist in this list and we should be very proud of this one. Bram was selected as one of the most creative under 25 globally by Adobe. Wait, what? Yes, quite a nice honoration. Because of his skills he has the privilege to work with brands like ESPN, Rolling Stone, BBC, Nike and so on. Bram combines pictures with flashy colours and gives every result his very own Bram-twist. Every designers knows that colours are a very difficult aspect of the whole process. It’s kinda crazy how he manages to bring so many different colours together and still manages to create an easy-on-the-eye result. In his work you can see a lot of guts. Designers, including myself, are often scared to use a specific type of colours and combinations. Bram shows us that we must not be afraid to show some guts. That could be a way to make your design stand out. So if that’s your mission, get your ass to his profile.

Click here to check out his profile.

The Contenders #OSCARS


Elvire Delanote

Our next listed artist is Elvire Delanote. A beautiful name for a very good artist. Her expertise is branding and visual identity and her work is characterised by a combination of cool typography mixed with some returning elements comes from the logo or typography itself, often used as a pattern or simply as a gimmick. She too has been honored a couple of times already (Red Dot Award and Behance magazine). When you’re searching inspiration for minima land functional design with attention to strong typography, the work of Elvire is a great source.

Click here to check out her profile.



Kristof Luyckx

Our last starred artist is Kristof Luyckx, a director / illustrator / motion / designer and animator based in the beloved city of Ghent. His represented work on Behance is very varied. We see some great character design (Stressmannetje), motion design (Is’t nog ver?) and some great examples of digital art (Welcome). The fact that I’m extremely interested in music and television makes Kristof a great inspiration for me. He’s done a lot of work for music festivals (Rock Werchter, Laundry Day) and some cool television programs (Is’t nog ver, Login). Make sure to check his website (www.kristofluyckx.be) as well), you can find a lot of commercial and non commercial work and even a cool shop where you can buy several pieces of his work.

Click here to check out his profile.

De Lijn - Stressmannetje Het SpelKr

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