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5 IOS apps that prove augmented reality is here to stay

October 11, 2017

Augmented reality (AR) recently received a new surge of popularity with the release of apple’s ARKit. A lot of companies around the globe took this opportunity to create their own AR app for IOS. By now, the app store is flooded with apps that give users the possibility to neglect their new digital pet or have them digitally insert a luxurious Tesla on their mortgage-ridden driveway.

All jokes aside, not every app is well-designed, but there lies promise in the underlying technology that is ARKit. Here are 5 apps that we think will survive the initial hype and live a long and prosperous life.


1. IKEA Place


IKEA is great at giving its customers the feeling that they are interior architects, but now they do so more than ever. All you have to do is download the Ikea Place app, point your phone at the ground for a couple of seconds and you are ready to go. Next you can choose an item from the catalog and put it in your hallway, bedroom or frankly anywhere you like.

That way you can get an idea as to whether that pink couch would look nice in your yellow living room (it doesn’t) or if it would be a good idea to put a bar stool in your toilet (it isn’t). It’s a good thing that you can try this without coming home with an empty wallet, a car full of IKEA boxes and a death stare on your girlfriend’s face.


2. Chalk


Have you ever been called by a friend in need and thought that it would be a lot easier to explain something with pictures or video rather than just words? Well, Chalk lets you do just that. It connects two people and streams the live camera feed from one device to the other. It also allows to place notes and indications in augmented reality on the object you’re looking at. So next time grandma calls to ask you how to turn on her tv, you can just help her out without cancelling date night.


3. Giphy World


Giphy is the go-to source for all your GIF needs. Admittedly this sounds like a lame marketing punch line, but in this case it’s true. There is a GIF for every occasion and it’s easier than ever to send them to someone.

And now with Giphy World, you can create your own GIF painting by placing GIFs in the real world using AR. It’s just a matter of time until this newfound art form receives the attention it deserves!


4. Airmeasure


Wouldn’t it be easy to measure the surface of a room and its walls just by looking at it? While we are still light-years away from that kind of laser eye technology, Airmeasure sure tries to think in that direction by letting you measure anything using augmented reality. The results are pretty accurate, although I wouldn’t rely on this when you’re making important decisions like making a hole in your wall for an extra window. You wouldn’t want to end up with more hole than window.


5. Sky Guide AR


This app is the only paid one on the list, but let me ask you this: is it worth € 3,49 to have the whole universe in your pocket? If your answer is no, you seriously have some soul searching to do.

Sky guide lets you see where all the major constellations and planets are and gives you information about them. You can also see the trajectory of space stations and satellites currently in orbit. While it’s safe to say that this app won’t be in the “top 5 apps that prove we are right” list of eager flat-earthers, it certainly has me as excited as a young Neil deGrasse Tyson on acid.

Simon Van Parys Simon Van Parys
Motion Designer

Online Marketing