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7, not so obvious, copy tips for getting email clicks

November 15, 2018

What makes an email stand out? One that speaks to you, understands you and might even offer you a great deal. How about using funny, crazy or mysterious triggers? For once and for all: here are seven tips our copywriter swears by when writing email marketing.


  1. Sexy subject

Write a subject that you’ld open yourself. Make it an exclusive one without sounding like spam. Adding to this; I am a huge supporter of using onomatopoeic words. Words like bam, pow, hmm or psst intrigue the mind.


  1. Short and concrete

This tip is a basic yet essential one. It all comes down to the following question: ‘Is it necessary? If a word and/or sentence doesn’t offer added value to the article, kill the darling. Unless it’s humorous or highlights something important. This also applies to adjectives like: ‘normal’, ‘good’ and ‘real’.


  1. Goal

Focus on one thing. If it’s all about a promotion, then write about that. Don’t communicate about different promotions, a line of new products and a contest.


  1. I know you!

Get into the headspace of your client and personalise that e-mail. Use you, you and you again. Write like ‘you’ know who ‘they’ are.


  1. Know-it-all

Act like a know-at-all. For example: Apple always acts like a leader. Like heroes. I’m not sure if they are, but in the end: I own an iPhone, Macbook, had an Ipod and am writing this from an iMac at work. In Apple we trust.


  1. Inviting CTA

Ending with a CTA is basic knowledge. Add some curiosity to it and we read magic. Write in a manner that makes your reader crave more. Don’t bare it all, yet.


  1. Now is wow

One writing tip I live by: only use passive when nothing else is possible. Active speech is the bible! Passive is lazy writing. “You may have liked our product ...” Three verbs? Forget it! No one has that kind of time. Tell it like you do a story at the bar.


Ps: I have much more tips and tricks up my sleeve, but they’re way too amazing to share. For now; I’ll keep them to myself. Curious now, aren’t you? That’s the magic of copy.


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Charlotte Spens Charlotte Spens