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7 social media predictions for 2019

December 14, 2018

Every year we take the time to look forward and list our predictions about next year’s social media landscape. There have been pretty big changes in 2018 so we don’t expect social media to slow down. Curious? Read on!


Messenger Apps for CS

Following the rise of consumers using social media for customer services, the messenger apps will further change the customer to business communication. It’s a more personal, direct and efficient way to help clients with questions of purchases. First there was Facebook Messenger, now also WhatsApp for business, and sure more apps will follow!


Authenticity please!

Both brands and people desire more authenticity. As a response, social networks like Instagram started a mass removal of inauthentic accounts, likes and followers. The hunt for ‘fake’ social media content will definitely continue. The public becomes warier of false messages as well. Personalised and user-generated content is the answer.


Micro influencers to the stage

Social media influencers have taken an important place in online marketing. As this marketing strategy has been getting more and more popular, we predict a shift to micro influencers. Collaborating with smaller accounts is cheaper and, more importantly, provides a more tangible impact for your business as these people have a more genuine interaction with their followers and are specialists in their niche.


Social commerce not #trending

The future of commerce on social media is uncertain. For starters, there’s a significant disparity between two different generations when it comes to shopping on social platforms. It seems the younger generations are more willing to buy products this way but since they have less disposable income, this shopping method hasn’t had a break-through yet. The people who have money to spend, need more time to warm up to this idea. That’s why we think that social commerce will grow in 2019, but it might need another year to really be considered a success.


Bye bye newsfeed? Hello stories!

More and more social platforms enrolled stories. After Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, stories are now also available on WhatsApp, YouTube, Skype etc. We believe that in the way this relatively new placement is growing, it will overtake traditional newsfeed posts. For example: 70% of Instagram users watch stories daily. That’s huge! And according to some tests, CTR is also higher in stories compared to regular posts.


The time is now

Live streaming, 24/7 customer support, real-time selling, ... social media never sleeps! The customers talk, watch, and buy online at every hour of the day. Now that technology has caught up, don’t be surprised if in 2019 you’ll receive an instant offer for a product when talking about ‘shoes’ with a friend on Twitter for instance.


More video

You saw this one coming. Video has been a topic in pretty much every social media trend report in the past years. However, it’s not slowing down. Instagram TV, Facebook’s Watch Party, they’re all playing into this massive visual trend. We expect video to keep its prominent role in the social landscape. The preferred format though, is less certain. Some say keep it square but there’s always a vigorous debate about the vertical angle. Time will tell.


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Joëlle Verstraeten Joëlle Verstraeten
Community Manager

Social media