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8 tips for producing social media video

April 3, 2018

Making good social content is one thing, making professional social video is quite another. Before you start your video production, make sure to keep below points in mind. This will help you to get a clear view of your video project and to help you brief your agency:

  • Objectives: What do you need to achieve with this video? Make sure you think about the hard numbers. This will make it possible to analyse the results afterwards. 

  • Target audience: Who do you want to see this video? Think about age, behaviour, interests, occupation, language, other brands they love, ... Write a beautiful story about your audience.

  • Distribution list: Where do you want your video to be distributed? Facebook, Instagram, ... ? Make a distribution list! This will give you insights on the necessary video dimensions. 

  • Timing: For how long do you want your video to be accessible? Make a planning and think upfront.
  • SEO: How will this video support your SEO strategy? Look for keywords and make a great video description. Work together with your webmaster or web-analytics team to get insights on relevant keywords.

    Youtube publication, together with a relevant thumbnail and a video transcript could do small miracles for your SEO. 
  • Audio: Even though 80% of social video is consumed with sound off, do NOT forget about your audio. Video without audio feels like mac without cheese.

    If there is speech in your video, make sure it is subtitled. You could use your subtitles as a way to express your branding. Take a look at AJ+ video's. They make text look great in video. 
  • Media budget: How much ping ping can you afford for your content distribution? How much would you need to tackle your objectives? 

  • Production budget: Last but not least, what can you afford in terms of video production? Are you in budget heaven?


Download our super helpful checklist to start with your social video production.

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Lien Brouillard Lien Brouillard
Co-founder | digital & social strategist