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Discover why we changed names.

April 24, 2018

In 2008, Sam and I, decided to start our own advertising company. Committed to deliver better services and results to our clients, we took the plunge. Being young, ambitious and foolish, nothing could stand in our way.

And so, it happened, oink.agency was born.

Soon our first clients contacted us and we managed to get by the first couple of months. As the projects kept on coming, we even decided to hire our first team member.

In 2016 we had 16 advertising specialists delivering results for both our clients and the company. But … it didn’t feel right anymore.


We had been growing so much that the market we were operating in wasn’t the same as back in 2008, nor the market needs… Clients came thanks to word of mouth. Not because they wanted to work with an agency called Oink.

So, we decided that change was needed.

We talked to our team and not surprisingly, they also felt we had outgrown the initial Oink identity.

We needed new company values, a revised mission, vision statement and … a new name.

How did we approach it?

1°) We decided we had 365 days to really dig deep. We thought, worked and reworked what we wanted to achieve for our clients as well as who we wanted to become as an employer.

2°) We worked together with a business management consultant who questioned everything we proposed.

3°) We briefed our team on the Masterplan and gave them the opportunity to share their vision, ideas, opinions, proposals for new company names, etc.

4°) Decisions needed to be taken. Who are we? Why would clients choose us? How do we differ from other advertising agencies? Why would talented people want to work with us?



As of April 4th, call us SuperKraft. Enabling brands to inspire consumers.

Keep in mind that not only the name and the branding changed. Everything about our company evolved:

  • New offices & office furniture
  • New mission & vision statement
  • Company values are used as a framework.
  • New HR approach including flexible working hours
  • Company drinks every friyay 

And more importantly, nobody is holding back anymore.

Discover everything about the new us on our brand-new website.

I would like to thank everyone we worked with in the past. We are keen to deliver you the same inspiring service with the same team but with a different name. I'm sure our paths will cross again soon.

If you are a business owner, taking on the same challenge, be warned: it’s a heavy, muddy and rocky road. Looking for someone to go through on what to expect? Get in touch with Sam or myself. We’re happy to exchange experiences.

Lien Brouillard
Co-founder & digital strategist

Lien Brouillard Lien Brouillard
Co-founder | digital & social strategist