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How to turn top fans into brand ambassadors

September 28, 2018

Every brand has them, those followers who are such big fans of your product that they’re willing to recommend your products or services to peers. Now Facebook rolled out a feature to not only identify those people, but also to reward them.


Top fans, who are they?


Your top fans are the people who are the most active on your Facebook Page, meaning the ones who like, comment, share and simply engage most frequently. Facebook will automatically identify and list them in the ‘Community’-tab in the left column.

FB Page


Create brand ambassadors


As advertising feels more and more impersonal, the importance of recommendations from trusted sources becomes even more important. That’s where those super fans can be implemented. Having them share their enthusiasm about your brand and possibly even defend it against criticism could create a positive word-of-mouth and greatly improve your brand sentiment. The opinion of those ‘real people’ is of great value for potential future buyers.


How to reward your top fans & boost engagement?


The next step to solidify the relationship with your brand ambassadors is to reward them. Facebook rolled out the ‘Top Fan Badge’*, a little star that will appear next to their name. Followers with this badge could be given coupons, access to exclusive content or other benefits. This will not only motivate them to stay active, it could also be an incentive to attract new top fans.

Top fan comment 02-1*

Another advantage of rewarding your top fans is that it will further encourage engagement. More people will want those advantages and turn up their activity-level to reach the top fan-status. And everyone knows that more engagement will mean that your message and posts on your page will get more visibility.


Key takeaways


Recognize your top fans, turn them into brand ambassadors and reward them! However, always keep your target audience in mind and only appeal to fans that will recommend your product or services to relevant stakeholders.


This feature is relatively new so it’s possible it’s not available to your page yet. But don’t worry, it will slowly roll out to all pages!

Joëlle Verstraeten Joëlle Verstraeten
Community Manager

Social media