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Meet our colleague: Charlotte

January 17, 2019


Name: Charlotte

Originally from: Wilrijk

Fun fact: I watch a movie a day.

Would you rather...

Read a magazine or a blog? 

Live in a big house outside the city or a small apartment in the city centre?

Night owl or morning person?

Be able to teleport anywhere or be able to read minds?

Be remembered for bad reasons or be forgotten? 

Have a full mail inbox or a full day of meetings?

Live without your phone or only ever drink water?

Tell us more!

How would your colleagues describe you? 

Very present. I’m an enthusiastic person who is very vocal, opinionated and says everything she thinks. A bit emancipated, you could say.

The minute I’m introduced to a new assignment, I cut the head of the snake. I like to dive in immediately. Being a copywriter soothes me well. I get bored easily and here I have variation; writing every sort of copy for every kind of brand. My Superkraft colleagues would probably also describe me as ‘that one from Antwerp’.


What’s your force/superpower at Superkraft?

Copy à la minute. Last minute copy excites me. When I hear: ‘Charlotte, we need some copy asap for this’, I get a kick and immediately respond with: ‘I’m on it!’ I’m not the most patient person alive and I just love working fast. But of course: quality always over quantity.

Charlotte Spens Charlotte Spens

Team, Superkraft