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Messenger ad: a myth or a godsend?

May 14, 2019

Capture this: Messenger ads! Nope, not talking about couriers delivering advertisements. We’re talking about the booming business happening on Facebook or Instagram. 

Messenger ads are sprouting on social media, to the liking of marketeers. Why? Because they are super easy ads that make conversations happen with the target audience. Messenger users can now contact your business with one simple click and after that you can personalize your customer service and experience to the user. This drives interactions, sales and increases brand awareness.

Numbers prove the Messenger ad is very welcome too. 45.8 % of consumers prefer to use Messengers to communicate with businesses instead of email. Worldwide 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month. In Belgium alone, 64% used Facebook Messenger monthly and 62% made use out of mobile Messengers in 2018. Not a bad idea to look into the new, simple wonder ad. 


Types of Messenger ads

There are three types of Messenger ads you can distinguish. You’ve probably seen them subtly slip into your Messengerinbox or appear on your Facebook or Instagram Feed. Here’s how to recognize them: 

Click-to-Messenger ads
These Messenger ads look like typical ads, but instead of a standard call to action like “read now,” it’s “send message” in this case. A normal ad sends people to a landing or shopping page, this ad will motivate customers to start a chat.

Click to MessengerAd Feed Click to MessengerAd Messenger

Sponsored messages
This ad can deliver detailed messages directly to a user. It’s perfect for retargeting old customers. 

Sponsored Messages

Home section ads
These ads create conversations directly on the dashboard. It’s similar to a traditional social media ad, but it appears in Messenger.

Home section ad

What’s in it for the marketing manager?

Well, loads! To us, it’s clear: marketeers need to use chat apps as marketing channels immediately. As said before, it drives interactions and there occurs a two-way communication, allowing the user to contact you straightaway. Instant help and instant information. Not convinced? Let us sum up some more advantages to the ad style. 

Not only is a Messenger ad set up fast, it reaches people faster. Engagement is made easy and you can contact anyone who has interacted with your ads in the past too, which re-engages old visitors. The ads, specifically sponsored messages, allow you to talk to a user the moment he or she is active on your page and shows interest. And you can deliver custom offers. Very easy since you received info about anyone who ever engaged with a Messenger ad made by you. This way you increase brand awareness, especially since Messenger has higher visibility than emails. 


Don’t think, just test it

The easier it is for a consumer to buy, the more likely they are to convert. Your Messenger ads can also connect to WhatsApp Messenger instead of Facebook or Instagram by the way. The options are unlimited in every possible approach. 

It’s undeniable that Messenger ads benefit businesses. They are a more social way to promote whatever you’re promoting. And everyone is on social. Your business, your customer, even your grandpa. 

Convinced? Read what you can do with Messenger ads here.

Charlotte Spens Charlotte Spens

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