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Messenger ad: practice makes (even more) perfect

May 14, 2019

More and more brands are successfully adopting Messenger ads into their marketing strategy. And why shouldn’t they? The Messenger ad is easy, increases brand awareness, interacts, and engages fast. The ad opens up a world of possibilities. Here’s what you can do with Messenger ads to get the conversation started and to keep the conversation going.


Push & pull content

You can push your content or help customers find content. A browsing menu in the Messenger chat space here is advised. This is an easy method for users to find the content they want to read or browse through the content you offer. 

A study by HubSpot showed that using Facebook Messenger for content had an 80% open rate and a 13% clickthrough rate. These numbers outdid email by 242% and 619%.


Coupons & offers

In my opinion, the most effective use of Messenger ads. Provide people with customized (or non-customized) offers or coupons. Absolut did a great job at this. They asked Messenger users if they would like a free drink. The next questions: Choose a bar, pick a drink. Eventually, the customer received a code allowing them to try a free drink in the bar of their choosing. According to Absolut, the campaign boosted its brand awareness remarkably.


Updates & reminders

Update people about new content, collections, events, products, any kind of news actually. Ex: “Discover our brand new shoe design!”


Book or change details

Whether it’s a plane ticket, a nail appointment or a check-up at the dentist: Messenger ads (or having Messenger as a business) provides consumers with the opportunity to book or change appointments and/or tickets. 


Customer support

Exactly 45.8 % of consumers prefer Messenger to communicate with businesses instead of email. Having a Messenger as a business helps customers out with speedy customer service. 


Event engagement

Connect before, during and after your event. The response rate of people who signed up for the event will be higher on Messenger than via email. You can send reminders, a schedule or an update. After the event, you can re-connect by sharing content and videos of the event or by asking attendees their opinion about the event.


Purchase info & completion

Customers can ask general product info, inquire about product availability or composition and do a product search in Messenger. “I am looking for a black coat..” and so it starts. 

When a customer adds a product to their cart but doesn’t complete the purchase, you can chat with them later. You have the option to ask whether they would like to complete the purchase or if they need assistance.You can also send an order receipt via Messenger or keep them updated on the shipping information of their order. 


Survey audience

A very easy one. What you would normally do through email is now possible through chatting. Ask your audience about their opinions on your business.


Thank you

Easily forgotten; remember to say thank you! Whether it’s a special thank you for a first connection, an order, a subscription, or for registering. You can now do it immediately and more personally thanks to Messenger. 


Two more for the road

Two last tips we want to share with you before you dive in:

  • The offer matters. It should definitely be special. If it’s a run-of-the-mill ad with a call to action like ‘find out more’ it won’t work due to the lack of urgency. Make sure consumers contact you for a specific reason.
  • A simple chatbot is a must. A Messenger ad is incomplete without a chatbot. An immediate response is necessary since response time has a major impact on the customer. Implement a chatbot that integrates automatically with your Messenger. Keep it short and effective.

That’s all folks. Remember to be concrete, not too eager, and in key with your brand’s identity when chatting and all should be fine. Good luck!

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Charlotte Spens Charlotte Spens

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