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Move over, AI copywriters are here

June 8, 2018

If you’re afraid of a world where robots and humans live together or robots take over, please stop reading here. If you’re ready to face the future, we introduce you to AI copywriters. That’s right, soon these blogs might be written by machines. Let’s find out more.

More and more AI copywriters are popping up. Although it’s easy to think they’ll never be able to write the same cunning texts as their human counterparts, we may just be wrong.

Many jobs are already being taken over by artificial intelligence robots like cashiers or self-driving cars so this might just be the next step. Of course copywriter is different because of the need for creativity.

Is this something AI copywriters will be able to do or are they only able to write good, technical text?

Well, let’s have a brief look at the robotworld.

How do the AI copywriters perform?

I entered the keywords “Instagram algorithm”, length of 250 word and choosing the option “uniqueness” over “readability” in Articoloo, a ‘free’ AI copywriter. After waiting about a minute, the robot came up with a short text, only part of which I could view without buying the rest. So far for ‘free’.

artificial intelligence articoloo

Image: AI copywriter Articoloo

This was the result:


What's the Instagram algorithm?

Instagram originally started off as a simple reverse chronological feed where you'd see the most latest posts of the people you followed first.

Nevertheless, Instagram is a rapidly growing platform with it expected to top 1 Billion monthly users by January 2018, which allows a vast audience to tap into if you may get your strategy right.

The Instagram algorithm is a little a mystery, so its only possible to make assumptions about how it works, based on the info they release and also from user experience.


Overall, it’s not too bad. The grammar is not always on-point and the intro could be a lot more engaging. But the information is correct and the second part of this block of text is quite nice to read. Looking at this example, copywriters shouldn’t be too afraid to lose their jobs to robots just yet.

However this is just one tool. The Washington Post, for example, has already published hundreds of articles written by their own AI copywriter named Heliograf.

What’s important there, is that people simply didn’t notice the difference. Chief Technology Officer, Scot Gillespie, states that the robot can simply help cover more news and give journalists more time to write in-depth articles.

Another successful example is Phrasee, an AI tool that claims it writes better performing marketing language than humans. Phrasee offers marketing copywriting for Facebook, E-mail subject lines and push notifications. Compared to the case from The Washington Post, this AI robot focuses more on short marketing text. The company has been very successful in increasing clicks, opens and conversion for their clients by using AI technology.


What the future of AI copywriting holds

Like any artificial intelligence tool, these robots will get smarter as they gather more information and receive human feedback. Over time, they’ll be smart enough to tackle the task themselves. Then businesses will have a much cheaper option for their copywriting needs.

Whether you like it or not, an AI copywriting software will always be cheaper than a human employee. Plus, a machine will be able to take up a lot more tasks than an actual person ever could. And if there are revisions (which there always are), a machine will just adapt without getting annoyed while a human might get a bit agitated after the 100th revision.

An AI copywriter can easily gather all necessary information on grammar, SEO and marketing. While creativity is a nice asset as a copywriter, the importance of the previously mentioned skills is huge. 

Today smart AI copywriters are great for short text and to support human copywriters when writing longer copy but you never know what the future will hold.



Elise De Bock Elise De Bock
Content Developer