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Stories or newsfeed posts?

December 19, 2018

Stories or newsfeed posts?


More and more social platforms enrol stories. The way this relatively new placement is growing, we believe it could overtake traditional newsfeed posts. Will it though and how to hop on the storytelling-train?


The story movement


Stories on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are well-known. We create fun stories with friends and several ads are being displayed in-between those. The public and businesses have been active users of this format in 2018.


But did you know that the 24h format is also available on WhatsApp, Skype and YouTube? Not quite as developed and still have some restrictions. To send and/or receive a WhatsApp Status you need to have each other’s phone number. On Skype you also need friends and family’s contacts to share a highlight. YouTube Reels is not displayed at the top of the mobile app, instead you’ll find them in a brand-new tab. Also, the Reels won’t expire.


Overtaking the newsfeed


The story is revolutionising the way people share their daily experiences. We even feel that this type of content is slowly taking over as most common way for people to share across all social apps. Why? The story format demands less thought and effort: the message is key. The story post isn’t expected to be as ‘clean’ as a newsfeed post as it disappears after 24h. But also; it’s a better format for sharing multiple quick images or videos throughout your day.


“The growth of stories will have an impact on how we build products and think about our business.”, Mark Zuckerberg said during the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call. And so, we’ve seen on Instagram and WhatsApp in 2018. Take Instagram for example: 70% of Instagram users watch stories daily. Instagram Stories now has over 400 million daily users worldwide. According to some tests, CTR is also higher in stories compared to regular posts.


3 tips for success stories


  1. Be authentic and real: use less formal and less ‘polished’ content
  2. Think about engagement, stories are interactive. Example: use stickers!
  3. Tell a story with a beginning, middle and ending`


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Joëlle Verstraeten Joëlle Verstraeten
Community Manager

Social media