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The importance of great copy

April 29, 2019

The importance of copy goes further than likes or shares. Good copy attracts consumers even though they’re constantly attacked by content. It entertains people and makes them take action. More importantly; it enhances a consumer’s trust in and love for a brand. Sometimes the easiest sentence can even become an expression or a pop culture reference like: ‘just do it’. That’s the power of great copywriting.


A good copywriter defines a company or message in purposeful words. Words that fit the brand. A copywriter not only writes, he or she recodes and makes a text readable. Yes, obviously something that includes words is readable but copy kings and queens interpret text, scan it, delete the redundant, select the essential, and rewrite creatively.  


Readers love short and snappy text, but they also want to get a clear idea of what the text is about. Therefore, designer and copywriter should go hand in hand to let words become part of a design. Visuals can speak louder than words but eventually; people are going to look for copy. Why? Because in the end you need words to tell a story.
Bad storytelling isn’t just ignored; it’s laughed at, criticized, and used as a bad example. Content that is average or wrong reflects your company in a poor manner. Enter the copywriter.

Great qualities of a copywriter:

  • Writes creatively!
  • One message in a minimum of words.
  • Scans texts and deletes the redundant.
  • Switches between social media platforms and still makes sense.
  • Defines the perfect balance between mystery and necessity.
  • Excels in engaging headlines, descriptions, CTA’s, etc.
  • Defines fitting brand words.

Also, according to an analysis by Website Planet, US Businesses lose millions in lost customers due to spelling and grammar mistakes on their websites. The bounce rate of customers reading landing pages with sloppy spelling and grammar was 85% more than copy that was correctly written and spell-checked. 70% of participants were also less likely to click on Google Ads that included spelling or grammar mistakes.

After reading brilliant copy, a reader should be left in awe. They should feel connected, intrigued, and informed. And; they read, respond, buy or click. So, there you have it. The importance of writing with meaning. The importance of great copy.

Charlotte Spens Charlotte Spens