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We created an Amazon store for Pampers and here’s why that’s a big deal

November 22, 2017

Amazon rules the world of e-commerce like no other. It goes without saying that as a brand that sells its products online, it’s important to have a very strong presence on Amazon. The best way to achieve that is by creating a customized Amazon store. This is a branded store-within-a-store on Amazon’s platform. It’s the perfect way to increase your brand’s exposure and stand out from the ocean of products in a generic webstore.

Creating a consistent story across platforms

With that in mind, we created an Amazon store for Pampers in France. The goal? To offer Amazon customers the familiar soft and colourful experience that the Pampers brand stands for. Using the same brand identity on the customized store is a great way to tell a consistent and familiar story across different platforms. Recognizability is key when it comes to building or maintaining a strong brand. You could compare it to a custom product display in a store: it just stands out more.


Dynamically designed mini-website 

Videos and large photos add to the dynamic design and make the Amazon store feel less generic and more personalized. Native articles about the quality and safety of the products transform the store into a mini-website with all the necessary information about the brand. Social media buttons make it easy for shoppers to share the products to their favourite social media networks in just 2 clicks. All of this is, of course, mobile-friendly as well.

With the amazon pampers store, ordering a box of diapers becomes easier than ever

The store was made using Amazon’s CMS. This system is relatively user-friendly since it provides multiple templates to build upon. Rich media and content, such as videos, text, images and slideshows, can be added to multiple pages within the mini-website. This gave us the ability to create an appealing Amazon store that tells the Pampers story.


What the future holds

We believe and hope that in the future brands will get even more creative freedom and flexibility to create dynamic stores on the Amazon platform. When that time comes, we will be ready to get creative and build a strong brand presence for Pampers and other clients on this ever-growing e-commerce platform. I say Belgium’s ready for Amazon!

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Elise De Bock Elise De Bock
Content Developer

Online Marketing