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Will (chat)bots replace email marketing?

October 17, 2018

Since a year or two bots became the real deal in digital marketing. And this will not be a one-hit wonder. Bots are here to stay!

When we look for a little data, we quickly discover that the number of users of messenger tools is growing a lot. For example, there were 1.2 billion Facebook messenger users in April 2017. A giant market that’s simply there for you to grab.

Facebook messenger usersSource: techchrunch

If a majority of consumers uses Facebook messenger, then it’s only logical that you enter (chat)bots into your marketing plans. The introduction of chatbots will get you your marketing objectives significantly faster.


Email versus chatbot

Email marketing is still very efficient. According to Litmus the ROI of email marketing is 38:1 on average. For every dollar you invest, you will receive an average return of $38.

Don’t impulsively throw away email marketing. Rather look at email and bots as a couple to dream of. Just like cookies and cream. Cookies taste great, but together with cream it’s heavenly!

You can find bots at a different time in the conversion funnel comparing to email marketing. That’s why they are so strong together. Rather than to replace email, bots will support and endorse email marketing.

How to make email & bots into a team?

  • List building: bots produce more subscribers to your email list.
  • Bots provide lead nurturing.
  • Sales: bots bring conversions and sales into the picture: did you know that chat apps will become accessible to payment platforms in the future? Email marketing will care for transactional emails such as confirmation emails.
  • Data-enrichment: bots collect data that you can use for your email marketing.

Ready for tomorrow? 

It’s possible with the introduction of chatbots in your digital marketing plan. And don’t forget your marketing objectives. Focus is key!


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Lien Brouillard Lien Brouillard
Co-founder | digital & social strategist

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