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Writing titles for web content? Check out our 6 golden tips & tricks!

September 2, 2019

Your title is super important, it directs the reader to your page. A catchy title has to give your reader some excitement to click through and on top of that actually read your page. Now that we’ve caught your eye with our phenomenal title, we’re going to start right away!


  1. Keep your title as short as possible

Short but sweet. Get rid of superfluous words and try to keep your key message in the beginning of your title. Make sure your title stays clear and that you don’t cut out essential words.


  1. Avoid unknown product names
    If you work for famous brands like Pampers just like us, everyone knows it’s about diapers. But if you work for a less known product or service, by example o2o, it’s better that you don’t (just) use the name of the service but what they’re doing in your title instead. Using the words ‘bike leasing service’ will generate much more click-through than o2o.


  1. Write in your title about what it does instead of how it’s called
    Titles on product pages are very likely to be named after the product. But sometimes as a layman it isn’t clear at all what these products do. So it’s better to use, just like already mentioned above, a description or generic name as the title. You can still use the proper name of your product/service as a subtitle.

  2. Never use a full stop after your title

A title is the beginning of your webpage or article. You don’t want your visitor to stop reading there. A full stop indicates something is ending, so get rid of the dots next time you’re writing a title.


  1. Don’t put an article at the beginning of your title
    Study shows that when people are scanning a screen, they pay most attention to the first eleven characters in the title. Try to put your key message or key words as much to the front as possible. With an unnecessary article you already lose some very precious characters.


  1. Making a list? Use random numbers
    Are you giving away some tips & tricks just like us, then never use a round number like 5, 10 or 100. Round numbers create a feeling for readers as if you did an effort to reach this number. It’s more fulfilling to read 8 useful tips & tricks than to read 10 of which 2 are far-fetched or irrelevant.


Good luck writing your future online titles! Keep an eye on our Superkraft page, because we have more tips & tricks on online writing coming soon…­­

Merel Van Maldergem Merel Van Maldergem