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Your weekly newsletter in Whatsapp

October 24, 2018

Email marketing is dead you say? Not at all! Wish WhatsApp Business welcome; a new and personalized way for your newsletter delivery. Here’s how to implement the messaging app in your email marketing.

With the evolution of mobile-first, it’s no surprise to read that there’s a climb in the use of messenger apps. According to IMEC more than 50% of ages 20-49 use WhatsApp daily. It seems only logic that we, as businesses, go where users are most active.


Manage master

You want to communicate thoughtfully with your customers? Install WhatsApp Business. It’s pretty similar to WhatsApp Messenger since it offers basic messages, groups, etc. But what’s different? Well, a business account allows you to manage your messaging tools swiftly and successfully. Imagine that. For example, you can respond more quickly to common questions by reusing frequently send messages or installing automated messages.

In addition, you can implement marketing bots for further automation on customer service level. WhatsApp chatbot integration rewards customers by never having to wait on hold again when contacting your customer service department.


How to implement WhatsApp newsletters? 

First things first: you’ll need your clients to opt-in since you need their permission to receive your messages. Here are some uncomplicated ways to do this through your existing communication channels. 

  • Implement a link in your current mailing.
  • Create a Facebook ad with a CTA-button.
  • Put an automated message on Facebook Messenger.
  • ...


Personalize your options

The app offers 3 automated ways of communicating: away messages, quick replies and greeting messages. However; people are looking for relevant, informative and personalized content. When we say personalization, we mean personalization based on behavioral data and not generic information such as gender or age.

Enable or disable the automated messages but be sure to keep it interesting and personalize your newsletters with images, links and maybe even audio.


Your voice, your choice

As the app has only been rolled out recently, there are still some restrictions: 

-       Only available on Android (for now).
-       If you have WhatsApp Messenger installed, you can’t have the business app as well. (But you can turn your personal account into a business account.)
-       Your access can be withdrawn or limited if you receive a lot of negative feedback, damage WhatsApp or its users or if you don’t respect the policy of WhatsApp 

WhatsApp Business provides new opportunities. But it’s up to you how you use the messaging app. As a fast responding support and service channel, as a secure group chat platform or as a communication tool for weekly newsletters. Time to discover! Don’t hesitate and look into it.

Joëlle Verstraeten Joëlle Verstraeten
Community Manager

Social media